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As a single parent, life is hard enough without the schoolwork. Not just any schoolwork- I am currently pursuing a masters in literature. Juggling the two lives takes some serious effort and a significant toll on your wallet. In my first semester, i had a paper on the Merchant of Venice.

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Unfortunately, I was poorly versed on the subject(am ashamed to admit) and the essay was due on the 21st, exactly one week after it had been assigned. Misery loves company. One of my kids was having a parents’ day at her school on the same week and having missed the last two, i could not afford to miss another.

I went on the web, quite desperate for help. I found there were several free essays that I could plagiarize but after looking at the number of downloads for my particular essay,quickly realized that my proffesor would see right through it. As I was about to close my browser and resign myself to my fate, i clicked on the second search result by mistake. As it turned out, that was the best mistake of my career to that point. promised me that my paper would be unique, on time and quite cheap too. I could not help smiling. Could i be this lucky.

My curiosity piqued, i read on. I could choose the amount of time it took to complete the article. I decided to give them a chance. I prompty requested a paper on The Merchant of Venice 9 pages long and looked at the period prices.

My wallet could only afford the 3 day package royalessays provided and all things considered, did not seem like a bad choice at all. After completing the payment procedure on the website(royal uk), i leaned back on my chintz and declared myself saved. Fast foward to two days later. I had been on edge since my essay request. I was quite confident that my paper would be completed and well written but i could not help feeling that something might go wrong. When I turned on the data on my phone that morning, there was a nagging feeling at the back of my head. As the mail flooded into my phone, i remembered my essay. I scrolled down the list and i almost jumped up in elation as my eyes fell upon the royalessays email. I openned it and my salvation was confirmed. To ice the cake too, they were offering a free revision.

I hesitated but decided that there was nothing to lose. I recieved the revised copy the next day. I had unearthed a gem in the form of royalessays. A month later, my life now in reasonable order, i recieved the marks to my essay. I had managed a tear-inducing 36 out of an impossible 40. I wished to show my gratitude and so i did the one project i could not ask them to do for me: A site review on