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A thesis is a very important project. Students commonly have to do them as part of their Masters’ education. For many students, doing a thesis is a prerequisite for getting a degree. The performance in a thesis has a significant impact on the overall assessment of a student in the program. So one must do the best job.

However, the process is complicated by a lack of knowledge as well as direction. Many students get the topics assigned by the professors, and they don’t have any clue how to go about them. They also don’t have any prior research experience. Hence, they lack clarity on what methodology will suit their research best.

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A potential issue in doing a thesis is time. Most students have to complete a very comprehensive task in a very limited period. If the deadline is missed, the grade may be compromised. However, when a student has to do a job or many other assignments, it is certainly very difficult to do a thesis alongside.

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